LARI -  Membership & Support

Call Lake Anna Rescue, Inc. at (540) 872-5274 and leave a call back request for the Membership Committee for additional information as needed.

Membership Types:

  • Operational (Emergency Medical Services, Rescue Work, etc.)
  • Administrative (Administrative Assistance, Public Education, Vehicle Maintenance, Fund Raising, etc.)

Administration people volunteer for fund raising and social events but do not work with the ambulances. Help is always needed around and in the LARI building with landscaping, decorations and maintenance. Fund raisers include planning, publicity then food shopping, preparation, serving and clean up. New ideas for fund raising are always welcome. Become a part of the LARI Administrative team now.

  • Junior (Ages 14-18)

Complete the LARI VOLUNTEER SERVICE APPLICATION and mail the completed application and any additional form(s) to the attention of the membership committee at Lake Anna Rescue, P.O. Box 101, Bumpass, VA 23024